What is HäjySec?

HäjySec is a group of volunteers that organizes various events to share information about Cyber Security. The goal is to make this information available for everyone regardless of gender, race, educational- or finanancial status. The events are organized to be free for all attendees, with the help of sponsors. The sponsors generally cater for the event, meaning they will offer us a venue and some snacks and beverages. In addition, the sponsors will get a short slot for an intro speak, where they can present themselves and their organization to the attendees. Most of the time a meetup will consist of two speakers from the Cyber Security community, to share knowledge and speak about experiences they have gained from their work or free time activities in the field of Cyber Security, thus sharing it with the attendees. Follow us on twitter @hajysec, hajysec.fi and RSVP to events https://meetup.com/hajysec

What is CitySec?

CitySec is a movement, operating under the Disobey umbrella, where people from all over the world organize local meetings, at the city they live in, to share knowledge about Cyber security. In general, these meetups will have the city(name of the city) and Sec(as a postfix) eg. TurkuSec. ------------------------------------------

What is Disobey?

Disobey is the biggest and best nordic Cyber Security conference in the Nordics. They support the different CitySec organizations, due to their nature of knowledge sharing and openness. More info about disobey @disobey.fi